I'm always interested in hearing about new projects, thoughts on my work, or opportunities, so just throw an email my way at: [email protected] 

My work employs an abstract documentation of space and environment to create work heavily invested in examining the way we live now, but especially the façade that we all create to be displayed in these social and public environments. More often than not this work takes the form of removing the aesthetic from the sublime, or aestheticizing the very ordinary to visually explore larger ideas surrounding class, utopia and what it means to be content in the 21stCentury.     

These pieces take form usually in zines or books allowing these larger ideas to take their own form in a very complete way through a variety of photographic methods, though generally shot on a small point and shoot or a medium format rangefinder. The work is also available for free from my site to download and make yourself, part of trying to make photography a more democratised form and process. These can be found on my issuu account.

As well as my personal work I have extensive experience within music journalism, writing or photographing for publications like The Skinny, God Is In The TV, NowThen Manchester and BagThing has lead him to photographing bands like Suede, Savages and Sleaford Mods.


               Affect & Effect; Blackjack Tavern, Manchester; 2016

Reply All; Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester; 2016

Pilot; Manchester School of Art; 2017

Reply All; Despina; Rio De Janeiro; 2017

You Made It (MSoA Degree Show); The Holden Gallery, Manchester; 2017

The Post-Silver; Hoxton Arches, London; 2017

Pingyao International Photography Festival; Pingyao; 2017

Appleby’s; Manchester; 2017/8

Ninjang University of the Arts; Nanjing; 2018

Kirkstall Art Trail; 2018

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